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Student Testimonials

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We are extremely proud to offer the highest quality educational materials to healthcare professionals. The following testimonials support our commitment to excellence.

RxSchool Testimonials

  • "Please give kudos to Stephanie Higby-Baker author of Pharmacy Spanish CE. I have never taken a Spanish course and this was the most wonderful lesson that I have learned since I graduated from Mercer SSofP in 1989. This is the most helpful course that I have ever taken. Bravo!"
    - Gayle E. Thomas, PharmD

  • Excellent! The site was very easy to navigate and I like the idea of being able to do everything online as well as keep track of it online. Kudos to you and to Pharmacy Choice for doing such a nice job! Thanks!
    - RxSchool CE Participant

  • Much better format than any other Live CE program currently offered online. Will definitely participate in any future programs. THANKS
    - RxSchool Live CE Participant

  • This concept of Live CE in the comfort of my home is a wonderful idea. I learned a lot and was not as distracted as I would be in a classroom setting. Also, I live in an area where there are not many LIVE courses offered and I have to normally drive an hour to participate in them.

RxSchool Webinar Feedback

  • Really appreciated the overview of available references.
    - Yvonne M. (Webinar – Drug & Safety During Pregnancy and Lactation)

  • • Very well presented and informative program.
    - Ralph F. (Webinar – Drug & Safety During Pregnancy and Lactation)

  • Excellent presentation. I think I will have to take it again to digest all of the information given. I especially appreciated the non=pharmacologic interventions that were given as well as the opportunity we have to truly counsel with the patient and prescriber to do what is best for the woman and fetus.
    - Elizabeth P. (Webinar – Drug & Safety During Pregnancy and Lactation)

    - Larisa A. (Webinar – Drug & Safety During Pregnancy and Lactation)

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